Race Ambassador Program

What is a Dynamic Running race ambassador?

A Dynamic Running race ambassador is a person, usually a dedicated runner with a substantial social media following and ties to their local racing community, who undertakes to represent and promote one of the Dynamic Running signature events in exchange for certain benefits. These benefits can include free or discounted entry to the event, exclusive race gear or, in some cases, other incentives.

Why we set up a Dynamic Running race ambassador program?

By setting up a Dynamic Running race ambassador program, we aim to give our race ambassadors an opportunity to promote our events using the most powerful marketing tool known to man: word of mouth.

How does the Dynamic Running race ambassador program work?

The basic principles behind our race ambassador program are simple:

  1. Dynamic Running put together a package of perks we are willing to give people in return for their help. Usually this includes free or discounted race entry, exclusive merchandise and more.
  2. Dynamic Running puts the word out that we are looking for people who are keen to represent our events as race ambassadors.
  3. The board of Dynamic Running picks our ambassadors and let them get on with the job.

What we look for in our race ambassadors

We are looking for people with a great attitude. They must embody the ethos and values we associated with our events.

Our race ambassadors come in all shapes and sizes, but  there’s a few things we look for in all our ambassadors:

  • Enthusiasm about our events. Can’t fake it and need quite a lot of it to succeed as race ambassador. We expect the people who will apply to be ambassadors are doing so because they feel pretty excited about our events in the first place. So hopefully this will be an easy condition to meet.
  • Strong social media following. Enthusiasm is nice, but if ambassadors are going to be effective in promoting our race they’ll need to have a voice online. We will check out our potential ambassadors’ following on Facebook, Strava or Instagram. If they’re active and followed by many we are on to winners.
  • Good communication skills. This sort of goes hand-in-hand with the social media reach, but extends to our ambassador’s effectiveness off-line as well as on-. Our ambassadors will have a good understanding of our events, and can put their enthusiasm into words when it matters.
  • Good connections in the sports community. That means running clubs, running stores, gyms – basically anywhere where they can be expected to promote our events. They don’t have to be presidents of their running club to be effective and sometimes being just a super-engaged regular club member can be a lot more helpful. We will be looking for people who participate in and have connections within the community.
  • Being based in an area of interest. We will choose your ambassadors in the right locations for maximum impact. This includes an area much greater than just Cairns or event Queensland.
  • A commitment to our event. If we find a real super-star race ambassador, we hope they will commit to working with one of our signature events exclusively. That means going the extra mile with your incentives to guarantee their full commitment.

What’s a race ambassador expected to do?

There’s a number of ways ambassadors can help our events:

  1. Promote our event online. This is one of the core missions of a well-connected influencer ambassador. They can write posts about our events on their blog and social media accounts, raising awareness for our event with their followers, as well as help share important announcements and press releases. Additionally, race ambassadors can help educate people about our events online, answering comments and questions – they can even help admin our Facebook group or page.
  2. Promote our event offline.For example, ambassadors could help distribute flyers at their local running stores, gyms and university campuses. More importantly, they can show up in races wearing our race gear and help spread the word in the racing community about how great our event is and why people should register for it.
  3. Invite people to register for our event.Whether offline or online, a big part of our ambassador’s mission – and one they can be directly evaluated on – is getting people to register for our events. Our race ambassadors will have a unique discount code their referrals can use on registration. That way we can track who’s performing best and reward them accordingly.
  4. Help out with race management or volunteer.It is quite common for race ambassadors volunteer at bib pickup stations and in other admin roles, as long as this doesn’t clash with their racing commitments. In trail races, ambassadors can even be asked to help out with marking trails.
  5. Lead group runs around your course. Race ambassadors can organise group runs around our courses to encourage registrations (think of this as a race test-drive). Group runs are also very good opportunities for generating quality content (GoPro videos, group photo etc) we can later use to drive engagement online.
  6. Contribute content. Taking pictures and videos in anything they do related to our event (and then sharing it online), will be a natural instinct for our race ambassadors. Apart from that, our ambassadors can help write training posts, race Q&A, equipment lists and other content for our website that will save us time and create points of engagement with your fanbase.
  7. Provide feedback on new race initiatives.Telling you what works and what doesn’t is a very important function for experienced ambassadors. This feedback is particularly valuable when making changes to our race or setting out on a new initiative. Anything from portable toilet deployment to aid station provisions!

What race ambassadors get in return

Most race ambassadors will likely choose to promote our race for the sake of doing the race itself and because they’d want to promote an event they love. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t go a little bit further in offering incentives that can drive our ambassadors passion even further.

Here’s a few things we may offer:

  • Free or discounted race entry. Getting our ambassador to enter our race for free or at a discounted rate is the #1 thing we offer as part of our package. Assuming they’ve earned it and excelled in their role (either putting in lots of work, contributing greatly in time or helping register lots of participants), we can also look to offer them free or discounted entry for their mates. This is on top of whatever registration codes you give them as a means of tracking referrals they register for our event.
  • Race swag. We put together an exclusive line of race gear for our ambassadors that will make them feel really special and incentivise them to wear it more often. Our event sponsors may also contribute gear towards our ambassadors.
  • Publicity & recognition. Some ambassadors will have a story to share – perhaps about overcoming adversity through sport – and would value the publicity our website or social media could provide. Others will be sports industry professionals, such as personal trainers, physios etc, and would also appreciate any publicity we have to offer.