Squad Training

It’s easier in a crowd.

(image used with permission)

Dynamic Running offers squad training for those wanting to train for one of the races in the 7 Cairns Marathon and Community Run Festival to be held on 28 April 2019 on the Cairns Esplanade. The Squad training will also suit other runners training for upcoming events. You don’t need to be local to participate, we provide virtual support too.

To request a spot in the squad, please email us at .


$60 for Dynamic Running club members; $180 for other participants.

Who will benefit?

This squad will suit you, if you are willing to commit to the following:

  • attend as many of the group sessions and workshops as possible (you can participate as a virtual group member too)
  • adopt the right mindset – only by doing this will you get out of bed early on a dark, wet Sunday morning to tackle a 21 to 32 km training run!
  • make the needed adjustments in your lifestyle, for example, to your diet and family commitments
  • support your fellow squad members by contributing to the Facebook group set up for the Squad members exclusive use
  • keep a record your runs and distances
  • wear your Squad singlet with pride


Included in the squad fee

  • expert advice and support from qualified coaches to build you up to your 10km half marathon, marathon or ultra
  • FREE entry into all Dynamic Running training sessions from December 2018 to April 2019
  • EXCLUSIVE group training session one morning per week (day to be agreed on by the group)
  • EXCLUSIVE entry into all Dynamic Running workshops from January to April 2019 – see details below
  • EXCLUSIVE access to the Dynamic Running Squad Facebook group set up for Squad members to support each other
  • a personalised running program to take you to the start line of your target race
  • Lorraine’s Squad Training Guide with running tips and advice to keep you motivated
  • a Dynamic Running Squad purple singlet.

The target races are

  • Dynamic in a Dress Half Marathon or 10km, 31 March 2019 (Dynamic Running event)
  • 7 Cairns Marathon, Half Marathon or 10km, 28 April 2019 
  • Tailwind Nutrition 3M3D, 12-14 July 2019 (Dynamic Running event)
  • Weipa Running Festival Marathon, Half Marathon or 10km, 21 July 2019 (Dynamic Running supported event)

Squad training sessions

This will depend on the needs of the group and can include:

  • Technique training 
  • Intermediate Runners’ Clinics 
  • Group training sessions 
  • Long runs on Sunday mornings 

Note that these sessions may have other participants too, it is not exclusive to squad members.


These are interactive sessions that may include a specialist guest speaker and question/answer sessions. No running required! Exclusive to Squad members only.

Topics will depend on the needs of the group and may include:

  • Training phases and how to design your own training program
  • Nutrition
  • Rest and Recovery
  • Support/Mental toughness
  • Weight training
  • Race preparation – gear list and where to buy stuff
  • Women running
  • Shoes