Squad Training

It’s easier in a crowd.

Exclusive orange Dynamic Running singlets – for Squaddies only.

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September to November 2020

The Squad aims to help participants gain confidence on the trails and prepare them for the Dynamic Running Trail Running Series that takes place in September to November 2020.

Dynamic Running Summer Trail Running Series

Sun, 27 Sept 7.00am Trail Series: Smithfield Trail Race Smithfield Conservation Park
Sun,  25 October 7.00am Trail Series:  Atherton Forest Trail Race Mt Baldy walking track, Atherton
Sun, 1 Nov 7.00am Trail Series:  Black Mountain Trail Race (TBC) TBC
Sun, 22 Nov 7.00am Trail Series: Misty Mountains Trail Race Maple Creek Road, Milla Milla


Mandatory requirements

  • Register for the Squad online
  • Attend the Kick off meeting on 7 September 2020*
  • Willingness to participate in a survey to collect data on what effect running is having on your mental state.

* If you missed the Kick off meeting, you’ll need to catch up with Lorraine in person or on the phone, or watch the recording of the meeting on our Facebook page.

What you get

  • Training program – if you want one. These programs are available free of charge for anyone who would like it. You don’t need to be a Squad member to access it.
  • Group training on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and weekends
  • Access to the Facebook group / Messenger group
  • Pep talks – Exclusive to Squad members
  • Orange squad training singlet – Exclusive to Squad members
  • Weekly email updates – Exclusive to Squad members
  • Zoom sessions (as required) – Exclusive to Squad members


$90 for Squad + singlet
$60 for Squad only

If you are not a current Dynamic Running club member, there is an additional $100.00 fee.

Note that the squad payment does not include entry into any of the events on the Dynamic Running calendar.

Pep talks on Saturday mornings

  • Mental toughness
  • Grit
  • The long run
  • Enlisting the help of others
  • The right gear
  • Race knowledge/tactics
  • Tapering
  • Race day
  • What’s next?


Saturday   Sunday  
12-Sep   13-Sep  
19-Sep Douglas Dash 20-Sep  
26-Sep   27-Sep Smithfield Race 1 of 4
3-Oct   4-Oct  
10-Oct Run for Ollee 11-Oct Clifton Beach Foot Race
17-Oct Yellow Rose Run 18-Oct  
24-Oct Pink Ribbon Run 25-Oct Atherton Forest Race 2 of 4
30 Oct   1-Nov Black Mountain Race 3 of 4
7-Nov   8-Nov Clifton Beach Foot Race
14-Nov   15-Nov  
21-Nov   22-Nov Misty Mountains Race 4 of 4