Tailwind Nutrition 3 Marathons in 3 Days

The Tailwind Nutrition 3 Marathons in 3 Days event has many entry options, all run over the same course, but varying in distance and days

  • GRAND SLAM 3M3D (126.6km), 10-12 July 2020. In its ninth year. A marathon is run each day over three consecutive days. Competitors can opt to compete in only one or two of the marathons, but the ‘Grand Slam’ medal goes only to those who complete all three marathons. NOTE: Entry fee for Marathon 1 and or Marathon 2 is the same as for the Grand Slam event.
  • Cairns Marathon (42.2km), 12 July 2020. In its eight year, the Cairns Marathon is the same course as Marathon 3 of the 3M3D event.
  • Kauri Half Marathon (21.1km), 10 July 2020. In its fifth year, this race is the same course as the first half of Marathon 1.
  • Lake Morris Road Race (16km), 12 July 2020. in its third year, the route for this race is the same as the last 16km of the Cairns Marathon course. Walkers welcome.

Registrations are open.
Registrations close 8 July 2020
Register here: https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=34550

Date: Friday- Sunday, 12-14 July 2019, then 10-12 July 2020
Length: 16km-126.6km
Event Organiser:
Dynamic Running Ltd.
Race Director: Lorraine Lawson
Email: info@3marathonsin3days.com
Mobile: 0417 798 444

Details on our 3M3D website