Thank you to our current club members for the comments

In April 2017 club members were asked for testimonials to support a volunteer award submission Lorraine Lawson was completing. 

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what a fantastic club Dynamic Running is and how being a member has inspired me to push further and achieve things that I never thought possible. I joined Dynamic Running in December 2014. I had just completed my first half marathon the previous month and was looking for some like minded people to train with. The people I have met through this club went way beyond ‘some people to train with’. They are some of the most inclusive, supportive and inspiring people I have ever met.

When I first joined up I had only intended on training for another half marathon as I  thought that a marathon was way out of my league and not achievable for an average runner as myself. Forward 2 years I have now completed countless half marathons, 2 marathons, 64km ultra and am now training for 3 marathons in 3 days! This would not have been possible if not for Lorraine and all the Dynamic Running members who have encouraged and inspired me all the way.

Being a member of Dynamic Running has changed my life and made me realise anything really is possible, in running and in life.”

Chrissy Warman, Dynamic Running club member since December 2014

“My experience with Dynamic Running has been nothing but amazing and positive. As someone who is very shy and extremely self-conscious about my weight and how I look, participating in the Beginners Clinic has changed how I see myself. It has given me the confidence, to participate in events I never thought I would ever be able to do. Although at the moment they are only short (5km) distances, I am working my way towards doing 10km and hopefully even the 16km Bump to Beach in August. Although I am still a long way from where I want to be, I am getting there, all because Lorraine and other club members have supported, encouraged and inspired me to push myself a little further each week.

When I first joined Dynamic Running about 6 months ago, I could run no more than about 100m at a time before I needed to stop for a rest. I can now run close to 3km without stopping for a rest. As someone who suffers from Asthma, learning how to breathe while running has been a challenge, but I think I have it down pat, thanks to Lorraine’s technique training. I am still a very slow runner but I’m not worried about that. It’ll get better over time.

Everyone I have met through Dynamic Running and parkrun, are super friendly and supportive, no matter what your ability is. The friendships I have formed over the last 6 months is great too, it’s so nice to be able to go for a run and a chat with a like-minded people.”

Stacey Longmore, Dynamic Running club member since October 2016

“I joined Dynamic Running Club in 2015 never having run more than 5km in my life and being a senior (over 55 years) I didn’t think I could run. Since joining I have run two half marathons and the Rome Marathon in April 2017 for my 60th birthday. My whole outlook on ageing and life has changed for the better thanks to Lorraine and her encouragement and guidance. I also enjoy the company of other members who are also encouraging and make running fun. A big thank you to Lorraine!”

Diane Batty Dynamic Running club member since August 2015

“I joined Dynamic Running a year ago. I had never been a member of a running club before, as I had always felt intimidated, and scared I would be left behind! From first meeting Lorraine, she has encouraged and inspired me. I have entered races, and achieved times, I would never have believed I was capable of, before joining the club.

The club’s members are friendly and supportive of each other, and this is a reflection of Lorraine’s leadership. She has great communication and organisational skills, so both club nights, and events, run smoothly and are fun, for everyone involved.”

Alison Cupitt, Dynamic Running club member since May 2016

“I joined Dynamic Running after watching a group of runners jog past my window every Tuesday and Thursday whilst I was sitting on my couch. After running a 5km, 10km, 21.1km, 42.2km and 64km, I maxed out at running the infamous ‘3 Marathons in 3 Days’. None on this would have been possible without the support and training from Lorraine Lawson of Dynamic Running who tirelessly gives up her time for this voluntary role.”

Shaun Muddock, Dynamic Running club member since May 2014, Board member since February 2016. Associate Director & NQ Office Manager at Turner & Townsend

“Dynamic Running has given me fantastic tools and training to help me improve as a runner. The weekly training sessions assisted me to increase my fitness (and drop the kg’s!!!) and learn the fundamentals of running. Lorraine is passionate about the sport of running and enthusiastic to share her love of it by setting up fantastic events such as the ‘Dynamic in a Dress’, and ‘3 Marathons 3 Days’ that gives the passionate runner the ultimate challenge. She tirelessly volunteers her time to make these events happen which not only benefit the individual runner, but the running community and various groups these events raise money for.”

Megan Ponder, Dynamic Running club member since May 2014, Contract Officer, Housing and Homelessness Services

“I have been a member of Dynamic Running for over a year and prior to that I participated in parkrun and other events hosted by Lorraine and her amazing group of volunteers. Three years ago I couldn’t run 2 km. Now I can comfortably run 10km and have the support and training from Dynamic Running to thank for this. Lorraine works tirelessly to bring free, easy to access, fun and social sporting events to our local Cairns community. Without her there would be a lot less people striving to meet their goals and generally enjoying being healthy.”

Filiz Mortimer, Dynamic Running club member since February 2016

“Dynamic Running holds social running twice a week which members are welcome to attend by just paying a yearly membership. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what fitness level you have, there is a real mixture, it is refreshing to see. Lorraine gives 110% to support her love of running, I wish I had her energy. Our community is a better place for her efforts, I hope she gets the recognition she deserves.”

Alison Jordan, Dynamic Running club member since February 2017

“Lorraine has been instrumental in starting me on my running journey.  Her motivation and leadership enables her to relate to people at all fitness levels and ages and she has the same encouragement for those running 5km as 50km. I joined Dynamic Running having met Lorraine at parkrun.  Lorraine can be credited with introducing parkrun to Cairns.  Through her ongoing commitment we have seen Parkrun become an essential run for beginners and experienced runners. Lorraine’s infectious enthusiasm for running has really inspired me and I look forward to taking on future challenges under her tutelage.”

Annie Hayes, Dynamic Running club member since May 2015

“I first met Lorraine when she was President of Cairns Road Runners.  She encouraged me to register in their beginners running clinic and my goal at the time was to be able to run 5 kilometres. Lorraine then established Dynamic Running and I was quick to get on board and become a club member.  Little did I know that I would run my first marathon a few years later. This would not have been possible without the support and encouragement I received from Lorraine and other Dynamic Running club members.   Lorraine’s passion for running has inspired many people achieve goals they never would have thought possible.  Club member now regularly compete in short and middle distance events as well as half marathons, marathons and ultras.”

Colleen Harisson, Dynamic Running club member since May 2014

“Lorraine’s passion and commitment has never ceased to amaze me. She offers her time selflessly 7 days a week, providing running sessions, beginner running groups and operates Cairns parkrun, which she started up as well. On top of this, she works full-time so when she’s not at work, her ‘spare time’ is deducted to arranging running events that require an incredible amount of planning. Lorraine is instrumental in our community for bringing people together, helping our community get fitter and providing a safe, welcoming environment to encourage new runners, of all abilities. Lorraine dedicates her life to the club and I am forever grateful for her time and her commitment. She is changing lives through her tireless support and passion. She truly is amazing!”

Donna Baker, Dynamic Running club member since May 2014, Business Owner /Encore Fitness

“Lorraine willingly puts hours of her own time into the club and always has a smile and positive word for everyone.  She remembers all the runners, seeking updates from them on progress and ready congratulations.  An accomplished ultra distance runner herself, she combines a full time job with her own training and that of others while also managing the club. She leads by example and is an inspiration to many runners throughout FNQ.”

Sioux Campbell, Dynamic Running club member since May 2014, FPRINZ, IAP2, Chameleon Public Relations Ltd.

“Lorraine’s energy and enthusiasm has helped establish an iconic event that is on my yearly running calendar. Cairns has become a favourite destination because of the 3 Marathons in 3 Days event. I regularly tell people stories about the event and my great mate Lorraine.”

Peter Watson, Sydney business owner and running tragic

Thank you to our past Beginner and Squad members for the comments below:

2014 Marathon and Half Marathon Squad members

Nadie Mead and Lorraine Lawson Melbourne Marathon finish 2014

Photograph: Nadia Mead (left) and Lorraine Lawson on the finish line of the 2014 Melbourne Marathon.


Photograph: Nine of the 21 Dynamic Runners who competed in the 2014 Melbourne Marathon. From left to right: Rebecca Ahola, Marnie Carisson, Colleen Harrison, Kathy Sinclair, Lorraine Lawson, Shaun Muddock, Nadia Mead, David von Senden and Wendy Mackay.

“I’ve been with Dynamic Running for over two years and it’s been the most amazing journey.  Lorraine and Larry have taken me from a walker to an Ultra Marathon runner in such a short period of time.  They put in so much time into each and every one of their members and this resulted in 21 of our team travelling to Melbourne to participate in the 2014 Melbourne Marathon and Half Marathon!  Every single one of us finished and you can see from the smiles on our faces that we had a brilliant time!

Training is always so motivational and also a great time to catch up with people who are now close friends.”

Wendy Lee Mackay October 2014

Melbourn Marathon Festival finishers, October 2014

Photograph: Same order as given in the previous photo.

“Without my Dynamic Running training, I would still be dreaming about doing a marathon.  Thanks to Larry and Lorraine Lawson, I have the medals to prove that I can.”

Nadia Mead October 2014

Fiona Harper, Melb HalfMarathon 2014

“I’ve run many races over the past 2 years but have never run a major race alongside friends or family running or waiting at the finish line. So it was fantastic to have so many of my Dynamic Running buddies on the course as well as cheering from the sidelines. Such amazing support from fellow runners and it was super inspiring to see buddies, who I’ve been training with over thousands of kms, achieving their goals.”

Fiona Harper October 2014


Jan Jones Melbourne Oct 2014

Photograph: Jan Jones at the Melbourne Marathon Festival (12 October 2014).

“I signed up with Dynamic Running in June as I thought it might encourage me to start running on a regular basis. What happened then was so much more.

I made so many new friends, had so much fun, and did things that I would not have dreamt of a few months ago culminating in the Half Marathon in Melbourne in October.

This could only have ever been possible with the coaching and training sessions with Lorraine and Larry and the support, encouragement and friendship from the others in the group. Melbourne…I will be back next year….and yes I will be running…

For those who may be thinking of joining Dynamic Running, please do, you will get so much more from it than you ever anticipated.”

Jan Jones October 2014

Sara Hurren Melbourne Marathon oct 2014

Photograph: Sara Hurren (fourth from the left) prior to the half marathon at the Melbourne Marathon Festival, 12 October 2014.

“If you are doing it right……once is not enough.”

Sara Hurren October 2014

2013 Marathon and Half Marathon Squad members

Nadia Mead at the Cairns Marathon, June 2013 Nadia Mead Melbourne finish jpeg

Photographs: Nadia at the Cairns Marathon (30 June 2013) and Melbourne Marathon (12 October 2013).

“Like many, I had often voiced a life ambition of running a marathon. No-one ever took any notice of me and, to be honest, I never took it seriously either. I made the mistake, however, of admitting to this ambition in front of Lorraine Lawson who was training me as part of the Beginners’ Running Clinic in 2012. At the time, my goal was to run 5k without expiring. We were standing near the Botanical Gardens with the rest of the group and talking about our future goals. I trotted out the usual comment about wanting to run a marathon one day. Lorraine grinned and said, “What about next year? You can do the Cairns Marathon!” I waited for the punchline but there was none. I had finally been challenged to make a commitment and must have been caught up in the moment because I heard my mouth making the unmistakable response of “Okay!”

I am not an elite athlete, nor do I pretend to be. I’m someone who turned to running for a bit of stress relief but found much more. I will never win a race that calls for speed but I love the fact that by following Dynamic Running’s coaching programmes, I can now start running and keep on going! Lorraine and Larry helped me evolve from being a participant of the Beginners’ Running Clinic in August 2012 to completing the Cairns Marathon in June 2013, followed by the Melbourne Marathon four months later.

Running with the Dynamic Running group is more like meeting up with friends. We have supported and encouraged each other. We stand guard for one another when toilet breaks in the bush are necessary during trail runs. Larry and Lorraine foster camaraderie, support and friendship, and are passionate about sharing their expertise and love of running with everyone.”

Nadia Mead  November 2013


Fiona Harper AKL Marathon

Photograph: Fiona at the Auckland Marathon on 10 November 2013.

“Lorraine & Larry are inspirational coaches, conducting run squads that are really supportive and inclusive. They’ve equipped me with the confidence, training & skills to complete my first half marathon followed by a further two marathons. They will be right beside me as I strive for number 3 and beyond. Dynamic Running’s programs make getting out of bed at 5am on a Sunday to go for a looong run a joy rather than a chore, particularly as results within the group start accumulating. I’ll be back in 2014!”

Fiona Harper November 2013

DugE on the beach running the GBRMF Half Marathon in November 2013.
DugE on the beach running the GBRMF Half Marathon in November 2013.

“I have been an athlete (running, cycling, swimming, hiking) ever since I was in primary school and I find the Dynamic Running Group stimulating to train among. Due to work constraints I have mainly been doing my own thing or very occasionally with a friend or two but being in the group gives me more energy and stimulation to keep at it.”

Dr Doug English B.V.Sc. November 2013

Judy finishing the Melbourne Half Marathon in October 2013.

 Judy finishing the Melbourne Half Marathon in October 2013.”I’ve always been a keen runner – but have only dabbled in shorter distances, 5-10km until this year, when I joined Dynamic Running’s marathon squad.What a buzz!

I’ve met some great people, have improved my technique and speed and am now fully addicted to running – through rain, sunshine or injuries.

I finished the Melbourne half-marathon in a much better time than my goal time of 2 hours and was ecstatic afterwards.

Lorraine and Larry are inspiring runners and are always happy to give advice and to give of their time.”

Judy O’Donahoo November 2013


Testimonials from our Beginner Runners

Melissa Sprague

Photograph: Melissa Sprague (left) completing her first 5km parkrun on 30 August 2014.

“Thanks to Dynamic running and parkrun, I finally completed my first 5km run. It was made possible by Loraine sharing her passion for running in a no nonsense approach with sound information and enthusiastic but sensible encouragement.

I have been trying to run 5km for many years and have never been able to complete this goal. Dynamic Running runs its Beginner Runners’ Clinics at a minimal fee that I’m sure does not even cover the cost of material and time and effort spent teaching and encouraging people to run. They love running and love to share that enthusiasm and knowledge to share the joy of running and how it can improve your fitness and life.

In a world that is becoming more entrenched in a lifestyle that is orientated around computers and non active living, organisations like this are essential to get people their families and friends out and enjoying life. It does not matter how fast you run or if you do it with style, the great thing is there is someone to encourage you across the line, pat you on the shoulder and tell you well done.

The greatest thing is to run with a smile on your face. If Loraine tells me I’m going to run a half marathon in a dress, I’ll be there all frocked up. Dynamic Running deserves support not because she asks for it, but because with a little bit of financial support she will do amazing things worth 10 times the monetary value of what you put in.”

Melissa Sprague October 2014

“I totally enjoyed it especially the way Lorraine and Larry trained us with patience and could answer any questions raised. My PB for 5km run is improving by using techniques taught at this clinic. Thank you both.”

Lyn Haltiner September 2014

“Group camaraderie and information on technique.”
Anonymous September 2014

“Caters for different levels of runners. We were all supported.”
Anonymous September 2014

“The Beginners course was very helpful in learning the basics. I will never forget the first time when it started to feel natural and enjoyable.” Anonymous September 2014

“I liked how you gave us tips to improve our running style as we were running. Enjoyed running with other runners with similar goals.”
anonymous August 2013

“I did the last 2 sessions of the previous course, but then did the full course on the following round.  It was fantastic.”
Anonymous August 2013

“The social aspect, Lorraine’s patience, the different terrains where you can run…everything really!!”
Marcelle Kersenboom August 2013

“The Runners’ Clinics  gave me the techniques and confidence that I needed to run 5km which I never thought I could do and  now I am looking at running even further. Lorraine is a wonderful coach who really takes the time to make sure you are doing well and having fun”
Bec July 2013

“I loved the tips, very useful for me to go back and start from the beginning. I love your updates and weekly emails and of course you are always inspiring Lorraine. I will do that half marathon this year! Thank you. Chrissy Ratcliffe April 2013

“Enthusiasm, knowledge and passion of the presenter, as well as meeting other “runners” at the same level.”
Louise Cronin April 2013

“I found the technique training to be invaluable. It allowed me to extend the distance I could run from the first lesson. Also, running in the company of others at a similar level was very encouraging. Thank you Lorraine and Larry. I hope to see you in the intermediate class soon.”
Jena O’Connor April 2013

“I enjoyed the friendliness and camaraderie of all the levels of runners. Thank you Lorraine & Larry for your positive encouragement, commitment (rain, hail or shine) and dedication given to all enrolled in the course.” Sharon Jones April 2013

“I really liked how ‘doable’ the training was. The information we were given made sense and the friends I met gave me the motivation to keep on going. Even though life gets in the way sometimes, we were always encouraged to continue to make small steps towards our goal. Great program Lorraine!” Melanie Little. April 2013

“I was a total beginner – I had never run for more than a couple or minutes before – even though I had tried many times in the past. Lorraine’s coaching was brilliant, her enthusiasm for running was obvious and contagious.   I finished each session with a smile on my face about what I have achieved each week.  I can now run continuously for 30 minutes and LOVE it. Thanks Lorraine.” 
Alison Dunn March 2013

“Meeting people who were positive and supportive. The tips from Lorraine and Larry were really helpful. The comradere. They are well planned and organised.”

“The training attitude of Lorraine and the other members, who really made me feel that ANYONE can run. It was so encouraging and supportive and they were a great variety of role models. I also really enjoyed the balance between learning about the technical aspects of running and the sheer joy of doing it. Very productive and fun course.”

“The running clinics are supportive and inclusive. At no time did I feel intimidated or daunted.”

“The running techniques which were introduced and the refinements to the techniques. The face that there was so much than running covered ie nutrition, massage, shoe wear, motivation and making new friends.”
Sarina Piercy.

“To actual be able to run some distance!!! The support and building up confidence.”

“Tips ‘n tricks & meeting other runners :)”

“The Runners’ Clinics were an opportunity to get back into the habit of running, refine skills and meet great people.”