Newcomers & Slower Runners

Always wanted to give running a go? Decided to run a 5k race on your 50th birthday?

Has your doctor told you to lose weight and look after yourself better, and you think running will do the trick? Regardless of the reasons for wanting to join in, Dynamic Running can help you achieve your goals through our Online Newcomer Runner’s Clinics.

These Runners’ Clinics are perfect if you are…

  • 12 years or older and not currently running, but want to give it a go
  • a walker who wants to take the next step and start running keen to learn proper running technique
  • returning from injury or a long absence from running
  • challenged or being challenged to run a 5k race
  • looking for an opportunity to progress at your own pace
  • tired of struggling along on your  own
  • always breathless when you run or you can’t seem to progress beyond 3k, and NO you are not too old!! We welcome adult participants of any age.

What we do at the clinics

The 6-week program is adapted from the “Couch to 5k” program.  Participants select their own level ‘mostly walking’, ‘walking and running’ or ‘mostly running’. The program is presented online and you complete it at your own pace. You can do it! You can start training with us anytime regardless of your current level of fitness.

You receive:

For your payment you receive:

  • micro-learning sessions on technique and drills
  • a Beginner Runners’ Booklet with comprehensive notes, running tips and advice to keep you motivated
  • a 10-week running program suited to your current level of fitness
  • a certificate when you finish your first 5km race.

Registrations for the next set of clinics will open in October 2023.