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Register here: NEW and returning members

This option is anyone who will be attending our events in person. Returning members will receive an email reminder one month prior to their membership being due. This will vary from person to person as membership is valid for one year from the day you sign on.

The VIRTUAL Dynamic Runner option is for anyone (anywhere in the world) that cannot attend our events in person, but will be doing it elsewhere as a virtual runner.

Membership fees (2024)

NEW Member’s Fee is $100 + $26 ANQ membership fee

RETURNING Member’s Fee is $65 + $26 ANQ membership fee

JUNIOR Member’s Fee is $40 (U16) + $26 ANQ membership fee

CONSESSION Member’s Fee is $60 (new) + $26 ANQ membership fee

RETURNING CONSESSION Member’s Fee is $50 + $26 ANQ membership fee

VIRTUAL DYNAMIC RUNNER Fee is $20.00 (club singlet is an optional extra)


Families interested in signing on can contact the club to discuss a discount.

There is a fee of $100.00 payable before membership renewal for club members who opt out of helping behind the scenes or at events during their membership period. 

How much do you pay to stay fit and healthy?

$15 per week for a gym membership? ($780 per annum)

$20 per week for group fitness?  ($1040 per annum)

$50 per hour for personal training? ($2600 per annum)

A membership with Dynamic Running gives you all year round group training for less than $2 a week (cheaper if you are a returning member).

Top 10 benefits of being a member of Dynamic Running

  • Access to two qualified Athletics Australia coaches with 40 years of experience between them.
  • 35% discounted on race fees.
  • Support and encouragement from running buddies.
  • Technique training and drills for beginners to experienced runners.
  • Free group training sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and most Sundays.
  • Access to squad training programs from 2k to ultra-distances.
  • Come-and-try trail runs.
  • Special discounts to items and services from selected businesses.
  • Programs tailored to your personal running ability.

When you sign up as a new member you will also receive

  • A club running singlet or t-shirt.

Are you ready to invest in your health? Join Dynamic Running and see how far $2 a week can take you!

Your membership fee also covers

Public Liability Insurance.

Club running costs.

Arguably, the most important part of being in the Dynamic Running club, is that you will belong to a group of runners who provide support and motivation at all levels. Your input is welcome and needed to make our club develop to benefit our whole community.

What your club membership does not cover

  • Coaching fees for clinics and squads.
  • Race fees – although you will receive a 35% member’s discount into our events.
  • Merchandise – apart from the club singlet/shirt you receive with your initial membership. Any other merchandise must be purchased.
  • Singlet for returning club members or Virtual Dynamic Runners