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Who is Dynamic Running Ltd.?

Dynamic Running Ltd. is a not for profit company limited by guarantee set up in April 2014 to meet the need for group training sessions in the Cairns region. Dynamic Running Ltd. hosts events, including the 3 Marathons in 3 Days and the Cairns parkrun.

I am new to running. Can I participate?

Yes. Join in our Runners’ Clinics held during school terms. You decide what level will suit you – we have ‘mostly walking’, ‘walking and running’ and ‘mostly running’. Don’t worry, we have taken lots of beginners to 5km and beyond. You have come to the right place. It is a FANTASTIC opportunity to learn proper running form to prevent injury.

I’m not a beginner. Which sessions will work for me?

Come along on Tuesdays and Thursdays to our group training sessions. We do speed work, hills, time trials and tempo runs. These sessions are designed for those who run regularly, want to be challenged and improve their times/distances. It is free for club members, others are welcome to join in for a couple of sessions to see if it is something that will work for you.

When are the training sessions?

Wednesday nights from 5.30 – 6.30pm, Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 5.30 – 7.00am and Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5.30 – 7.00pm. Sessions on Saturday and Sunday depend on the racing schedule and time of year. Dynamic Running Ltd. is a supporter of the Cairns parkrun, and many of our members join in on Saturday mornings at 7.00am.

What is covered in the various sessions?

Tuesday sessions focus on speed work or hills. The benefit of these sessions is that you run faster and further. We do between 8-12km.

Wednesday sessions are mostly for new / novice runners or those looking to do a recovery run. We do around 5km.

Thursday sessions are all about pacing – tempo running over various distances. We do between 6-12km.

Weekend sessions are designed to get ‘time on your legs’. It builds in distance to develop your endurance. Some of these sessions are replaced by trail runs or races.

Where are the sessions?

During the week we meet aat Centenary Lakes, opposite the Rhondo Theatre at 46 Greenslopes Street in Edge Hill. Other session locations vary. There are toilets at most of the venues.

What if I’m really slow? Will I get left behind or get lost?

We discuss the route we will be running. We split the group so runners with similar abilities stick together. We have a ‘loop-back’ system to pick up slower runners, so you will not be left behind.

What is included in the membership fee?

Top 10 benefits of being a member of Dynamic Running

  • Access to two qualified Athletics Australia coaches with 40 years of experience between them
  • Discounted race fees
  • Support and encouragement from running buddies
  • Free technique training and drills for beginners to experienced runners
  • Free group training sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and most Sundays
  • Access to squad training programs from 2k to ultra-distances
  • Come-and-try trail runs
  • Special discounts to items and services from selected businesses
  • Programs tailored to your personal running ability
  • Access to running training camps

When you sign up as a new member you will also receive

  • A FREE club running singlet

Can I ‘carry over’ my Beginner Runners’ Clinic sessions?

Yes. If you can’t complete the five sessions, you can join in at the next set of clinics.

Do I need to be a club member to come to a training session?

YES. However, we welcome one-off visits from people who would like to come along to have a look to see if it will suit them. Visitors to Cairns are welcome to join us as well. Join Dynamic Running.

I want to participate in a race, where do I start?

Check out our event calendar and decide what you want to do. Many of our club members join in the ‘races’ but their aim is mostly to participate in a social run, rather than being competitive!

Dynamic Running Ltd. sessions are not races, we offer training and coaching. Group training sessions help to motivate you and it is safer than running on your own. We work towards various ‘Target Events’ during the year, but the cost of entering those are not included in the Dynamic Running Ltd. membership or coaching fees.

Who organises the training sessions?

Lorraine Lawson is in charge of the Runners’ Clinics and Squad sessions. Larry Lawson takes the speed work/hills and tempo sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons.

What happens if I get injured?

It is each participant’s responsibility to ensure they are safe to minimise the risk of accidents and injury. Both Lorraine Lawson and Larry Lawson are qualified coaches with current senior first aid certificates. Dynamic Running Ltd.’s $20 million public liability insurance does not include travel and personal accident insurance.