About Us

“You can sleep when you die.” – Roger Rehwald 

Dynamic Running Ltd. was founded by Lorraine Lawson in April 2014 to meet the need for group training sessions in the Cairns Region. It is a not for profit organisation that welcomes new runners and experienced runners into the club. All ages and abilities are catered for.

Since 2010 Lorraine has supported novices starting out in running. Larry Lawson helps with sessions for the more experienced runners in the group. Both Lorraine and Larry, have a background in ultra marathons, marathons, shorter distances and trail running.

Lorraine is an Accredited Athletics Level 2 Event Group Coach for middle to long distance running. Her Athletics Australia coaching qualifications and her experience with adult beginner runners put her in the ideal position to support new and novice runners. Lorraine knows what it feels like to be a beginner. She’s been left behind, and she’s held up the group because she was going too slowly. Hence the Beginner Runners’ Clinics, to help others to become runners in a friendly, supportive and inclusive environment. And it works! Since 2010, many participants have successfully completed the Beginner Runners’ Clinics and Intermediate Runners’ Clinics. Some of these runners have now tackled their first marathon (or two!) and even ultra marathons.

Larry is also an Accredited Athletics Level 2 Event Group Coach for middle to long distance running. His Athletics Australia coaching qualifications and his 30 years of running experience put him in the ideal position to support intermediate level runners. Larry has a wealth of knowledge and understanding related to running, and he willingly shares it with anyone interested in listening.

Together the coaches and Dynamic Running club members provide expertise, motivational support and encouragement to transform you from a novice or hesitant runner into a dynamic runner.

Our Philosophy

“The only way to define your limits is to go beyond them”

The notion that people ‘just know how to run’ is long gone. Coaches and those who take a keen interest in running, acknowledge that you must LEARN TO RUN. There are a few core reasons why so many runners are injured at any one time. This includes doing too much too quickly, overtraining, pre-existing injuries, poor shoe selection and poor running form/technique. At Dynamic Running we focus on running technique and teaching runners how to listen to their bodies. If you watch top endurance athletes run, you will notice they are NOT heel-striking – there’s a reason for this. Once you do away with heel-striking and excessive upper body movement you will travel FORWARD and run further. And you reduce the risk of injury, as you have the correct body alignment.

Dynamic Running Ltd. encourages members to ‘think for themselves’. We provide the tuition, but you need to put it into practice. We expose participants to various running programs that will help them to improve their performance – it’s hard work, but it pays off.

Our Mission Statement

Dynamic Running promotes healthy life choices and personal success in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Our Vision Statement

Dynamic Running aims to be an internationally recognised ambassador for promoting Cairns as the No.1 running destination.