Intermediate Runners

“If you under-train, you may not finish, but if you over-train, you may not start.” – Tom DuBos

These clinics are run on demand for Dynamic Running club members. The focus on improving your running performance through key workouts in your training program. The aim is to improve your VO2max and raise your anaerobic threshold. 

What we do at the clinics

We do a 15 minute warm up and then clinic participants are provided with instructions on why and how to do speed work, and how to run up (and down) hills. We also talk about energy systems and how it is linked with running.

Week 1: Speed work

Week 2: Hill running

Week 3: Fartlek

For your payment you receive

  • one of the 15 spots available
  • three group sessions on how to run better and faster (thirty mins each session)
  • a booklet with notes on interval training, running tips and advice to keep you motivated
  • on-going support at the groupt sessions

*Three consecutive Tuesday nights from 5.30-6.00pm.

Conditions of entry

You must be signed up as a Dynamic Running club member. Join Dynamic Running

You need to already comfortably running 5km or more on a weekly basis. It is recommended that you also complete the Technique Training and Drill sessions held on Monday nights, as there is no time for technique training during these sessions.

A minimum of 4 participants are required for the Clinics to go ahead.

No refunds once the clinics have started.