Monthly Monday Magic Mile in May

Well done to all the Mile runners tonight. Here is Wendy’s report and the results:

21st Monthly Monday Magic Mile, 2 May 2016
What a lovely end to a long weekend! A big congratulations to all the runners! Tonight’s results: Luke Currie – 1st Male; Salome Villiger – 1st Female; Sena Nakajima 1st Junior female (and third overall!!!) Both Luke and Salome took home the Magic Mile trophies and vow to defend their title as fastest male and female next month. Salome set a new PB,knocking 42 seconds of her previous attempt! Well done! A big welcome to Akiko (Sena’s mum), who as a newcomer now has a Magic Mile PB to beat next time! Thank you to the volunteers, Wendy and Marcelle!

Luke Currie 1 5:33 PB remains at 5:27
Salome Villiger 2 5:46 NEW PB at 5:46
Sena Nakajima 3 6:42 PB remains at 5:53
Brett O’Brien 4 7:22 PB remains at 6:58
Baz Gadhvi 5 8:03 PB remains at 6.26
Akiko Nakajima 6 8:21 Newcomer!
Marcelle Kersenboom 7 9:58 PB remains at 9:22