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corredo race 2020

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August 12-13, 2020
9:00 am
1201 West Speedway
Blvd, Daytona Beach,
FL 32100
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Corredo Race 2020 Rout






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Date: Friday – Sunday, 31 March – 2 April 2017 (tbc)
Venue: Redlynch State College, Cairns (tbc)

5km and Family Fun Run/Walk: Saturday, 1 April 4.30pm start

21.1km and 10km: Sunday, 2 April 6.30am start

Race briefing and rules 2016 – all competitors and participants please read. There is no briefing on the start line of any of the events.

Course description for the 2016 21.1km

Results for 2016 race
Results for 2015 races/run

Participants of all levels of fitness (walkers, recreational and competitive runners) are welcome to compete. This event is female-focused to celebrate female runners, their strength and their ability to use running as a means to connect with one another. Join us and run in fashionable, feminine running gear.

The event is a ’Girls’ Weekend Away’ where you can enjoy a wonderful time with your female counterparts during training in leading up to the event and also during the weekend. Girlfriends, grandmothers, mums, sisters and daughters are the stars.

The festival will host a Half Marathon and 10km race on the Sunday, a 5km and Family Fun Run on the Saturday afternoon, as well as mocktails on Friday night and a post-race get together on Sunday afternoon. Reef trips, Daintree trips, spa specials and other options may also be available on Saturday.

Founded by managing director and running coach of Dynamic Running, Lorraine Lawson, the “Dynamic in a Dress Running Festival” and free 12-week training program is designed to promote health, wellness and fitness among women, girls and their families.

Free training sessions with Dynamic Running

Whether your goal is to get fit, lose weight, meet new running buddies or have more energy, the 12-week training program is designed to give you access to the support you need, including:

Proceeds of event

The Dynamic Running fundraising goal from the Dynamic in a Dress Running Festival is $500 which is to be donated to a charity yet to be named.

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Race fees and online entries:

Your entry fees include: