Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Dynamic Runner


What is a virtual race?

A virtual race takes place anywhere you like. It fits in with your lifestyle and around your commitments. You run at your pace, at your place, in your own time. You can complete it on a treadmill, outdoors, running track, as part of your social runs, club runs, parkrun or even another race.

Didn’t sign up to run, but will be near a Dynamic Running event on race day?

If you come by on race day, we’ll have a way for you to participate in your own way! Come by the registration table, and you can purchase a race bib and run on your own; any route you want, any way you want.

Who can enter a virtual race?

Anyone and everyone! We would ask that if your child (under 18) wants to enter, you as the parent/guardian must complete the online entry form on their behalf. Juniors should complete the distance under supervision and with a competing parent/guardian (and running together is more fun!) but apart from that there are no restrictions. Just get out there and run, walk, hike, whatever works for you! By entering our virtual races you are agreeing that any injury or damage that is caused by completing your race is your own responsibility. Dynamic Running Ltd will not be held responsible for any injury that occurs during your run. Please see our full Terms and Conditions for more info.

Finally, the only other question you need to ask yourself…. When are you going to enter?

Where can I find information about races I’ve entered?

Once you enter any of our races you will receive a confirmation & welcome email. The email will explain how a virtual run works and it will also provide a summary of your race, a link to your race number and information on when the race needs to be completed by. This information can also be found on the ‘Event calendar’ page.

How do I enter an event?

It’s easy to enter. View our calendar of events page to see a list of our events. Register for each event using the registration link provided.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $35.00 per race, which includes postage. The only exception is the 3M3D Grand Slam event – the cost for that one is $150.00.

How much is shipping? 

Shipping within Australia is included in your entry fee. Medals and merchandise that need to be shipped overseas will incur additional fees. We will contact you to arrange payment, if that is the case.

How to I pay for the event?

You will pay via credit card as part of the registration process. 

Do I have to do any of my own fundraising?

No. But many participants are running for a cause. You can set up your own fundraising, if you wish. Share this on our Facebook page, or email us the details and we will endeavour to include it in or e-newsletter.

How much of the registration fee goes to the charity?

The Board of Dynamic Running Ltd. approves which charity will benefit from each event and how much will be donated.

Can I Walk?


Can children take part?

Yes absolutely. We only ask that anyone under the age of 16 should complete our challenges under supervision.

I don’t live in Australia, can I still enter?

Yes you can, we love runners from overseas. We have participants taking part in our events from across the globe. We do have to charge for overseas postage.

Do I get entry confirmation and a welcome email?

Yes, you will receive a confirming and welcome email for each race.

Do I need to complete the distance in one go?

No, if you are building up your distances, you can split your race over a few days or weeks and they can be in any amount of distances as you need! For example, you may complete a 10k race with 2 x 5k, or 5x 2k, it’s up to you! Whichever way you complete the distance, a medal is a great reward for your achievement!

There is one exception, and that is our 3M3D Grand Slam medal. It is our most prestigious medal and we don’t part with it easily. You can only receive the 3M3D Grand Slam medal if you have completed three marathons in three consecutive days. You will receive a medal for each marathon you complete, regardless of how you do that.

How to I track my race?

You can use an app like Map My Run or Strava. You can also use a GPS watch. You can even take a photo of your watch or treadmill screen to show the distance. You need to provide evidence to show you have completed the challenge. 

What do you mean by race evidence?

If you use one of the many running apps available out there at the moment, just take a screen shot and send it to us. Otherwise a picture of your treadmill display or running watch data will be fine! For the 3M3D Grand Slam we must be able to verify that you completed the three marathons (42.2km per day) over the three consecutive days.

Can I defer due to injury?

Yes of course. Should you be unfortunate enough to get injured then we do allow you to defer to do your race later. You will need to email us the week prior to the date of the race so we can make a note of it.

What merchandise is on offer?

We have merchandise for some of our events. You can opt to buy it during your registration process, BUT it will only be sent out with the medal, after your challenge is completed and the event has taken place as per the date on our event calendar.


How do I submit my evidence to claim my medal?

You must submit evidence that you have completed the distance of your chosen race. You can use one of the many free running apps, Strava or similar. Other official race results can also be used, as can your parkrun results. Just take a screenshot (photo) of your evidence and send it to us via email.

Do I have to provide my results to get my medal?


Do I receive confirmation that you have received my evidence?


When do I need to have my evidence in by?

We expect that you will do the event on the same day as we are doing it here in Cairns, otherwise you may select to do it either before of after. Send your evidence in as soon as you’ve completed your event.

If I what to share my results, where can I do this?

You can also share your results in our ‘Running in my own neighbourhood‘ Facebook group. 

When will I get my medal?

The medals are shipped in the week after the event was held, subject to you having submitted your race evidence.

Medals are sent out via Australia Post. Allow up to 4 days (more if you are in a remote location), or around 3 to 4 weeks if international.

How do you know where to send my medal to?

We capture your address on the registration form. You can update your address by sending us an email.

Our liability Clause

Dynamic Running Ltd. does not take any responsibility for any loss or injury during a Virtual Event.

What if my medal does not arrive?

Please contact us to track where the item is.

Why choose Virtual Dynamic Running?

Simply put, just like you we love to run and love our medals! Our motivation is to get people running, active and smashing their goals. No matter what your ability we have events and medals you will be proud to earn. Medals are designed by us, we are very proud of that. Customer service and your all-round experience from entering our events is something we put the highest value on. We are available to offer you support when you need it and advice from start to finish. You will also find we have the a friendly running community. Expect advice from many of our runners who love to support each other.

Who is Virtual Dynamic Running?

Virtual Dynamic Running is an off-shoot of Dynamic Running Ltd. Lorraine Lawson is the founding member and managing director of Dynamic Running and she started running about 15 years ago. She loves to run nearly as much as she loves to see others running and taking on challenges. Lorraine works full time as a high school distance education teacher, but her passion is to get as many people into walking and running as possible. She is a qualified Athletics Australia running coach and conducts Runners’ Clinics and Squad sessions. Apart from that, the other big running passion in her life is parkrun. She set up her local parkrun, Cairns parkrun, in August 2013. It has grown from 50 regulars to a current average attendance of over 260 runners, joggers and walkers. Lorraine is just one part of the fantastic volunteer team. Lorraine has also written a book for those who what to compete in their first half marathon, marathon or ultra race. You can purchase it for AU$10.