64km Kuranda to Port Ultra Trail Race & Relay

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This Point-to-point race starts just off  Kennedy Highway in Kuranda and follows Black  Mountain Road and the Bump track to Port Douglas. The course runs  through native rainforest, open eucalypt forest,  pine plantations and crosses picturesque creeks. It is a scenic course incorporated  in the Mowbray National Park within the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. The  pyramid-shaped Black Mountain is a prominent feature of the race. The tropical  rainforest is home to the endangered southern cassowary, a flightless bird that  can grow to  two metres in height.


26 August 2018

Competitor information pack

This 2018 K2PD Competitor information pack contains all the details on the race.

Race fees

Race & Date 2018 Category Race Fees
BLITZ Early Bird Standard Late Entry
K2PD (18+ only, Singlet extra   7.00am, 16/4 to 6.59am 23/4/2018 Ends 12.00am, 31/5/2018 Ends 12.00am, 16/8/18 Registration closes 12.00am, 23/8/18
Independent 1st 10 entries: $60.00; 11th entry to end of blitz: $65.00 $70.00 $85.00 $100.00
AURA/ANQ member $70.00 $70.00 $100.00
DR club member $52.50 $63.75 $100.00
K2PD Relay (16+ only) , Singlet extra   n/a Ends 12.00am, 31/5/2018 Ends 12.00am, 16/8/18 Registration closes 12.00am, 23/8/18
Independent $35.00 $40.00 $50.00
AURA/ANQ member $35.00 $35.00 $50.00
DR club member $26.25 $30.00 $50.00
B2B (14+ only) , Singlet extra   n/a Ends 12.00am, 31/5/2018 Ends 12.00am, 23/8/18 Registration closes 12.00am, 23/8/18
Independent $20.00 $35.00 n/a
AURA/ANQ member $20.00 $20.00 n/a
DR club member $15.00 $26.25 n/a



To the start

The 64km Kuranda to Port Douglas race starts on Black Mountain Road approximately 200m from the Kennedy Highway turn off. It takes about 30 minutes to drive from Cairns Esplanade/CBD to the start of the race. There is street parking at the start.  
Book the bus if you don’t have someone to drop you at the start for the 64km K2PD or the B2B. No transport is provided for those in the 64km K2PD Relay.
Those in the 64km K2PD who paid for transport as part of their registration will be picked up at 5.00am at the entrance to the Cairns Colonial Club Resort on Cannon Street, Manunda. Let us know if you want to be picked up at Smithfield.

Return journey

Competitors who paid for transport will have two options to return to Cairns. At 1.15pm or at 3.30pm. Competitors who miss the bus at 3.30pm will be provided with a ride back to Cairns with a returning club volunteer, but you still need to pay for transport. These times are only a guide and may be adjusted on the day, depending on transport needs.


Non-certified trail race of 64 km. Other options include a 64 km relay and the 16 km Bump to Beach races.

How long in existence

Inaugural race was held on 28 August 2011.

Race records

64km individual ultra: Male – Glen Robinson (2013) 5:14:07; Female – Nikki Wynd (2013) 5:52:38

64km Relay: Trinity Chicks (Tracey Mcdonald, Legs 1 & 2, 27km; Akane Goode, Leg 3, 21km; Angel Hayes, Leg 4, 16km). Time: 5.28.47 New Course Record set on 20 August 2017

Past winners

Year Male Time Female Time
2011 Ben Carter 5:45:14 Julie Sager 6:41:58
2012 Oliver Zambon 5:27:19 Mandy Noble 6:06:18
2013 Glen Robinson 5:14:07 Nikki Wynd 5:52:38
2014 Steve Cunningham 5:55:47 Yvette Edward 6:09:18
2015 David von Senden 6:04:17 Sonya Alba-Miller 7:02:06
2016 Bryan O’Mahony 5.31.23 Alena Scurrah 6.55.52
2017 David von Senden 5:36:50 Alena Scurrah 6:32:39










Race Organisers

Dynamic Running Ltd. 2014-onwards

Cairns Road Runners and Triathlon Club 2011-2013


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