Training programs

You can download our training programs, free of charge.

2021 Summer Squad Marathon training programs (excel file)

2021 Half marathon training programs (excel file)

2020 3M3D Grandslam training programs (excel file)

2020 K2PD program (excel file) 

Lorraine’s Squad Training Guide – $10.00

This is a 65-page book (in PDF format) to help novice runners find their feet. There is specific information for the half marathoner, marathoner and ultra-marathoner.

Chapters in the Squad Training Guide


What are you training for?

Dynamic Running Singlets and Shirts – $25.00 to $45.00 each

Want to fit in with the cool kids in town? Get a singlet and you are half way there!

We have limited stock available. If your size is no longer available, you will be refunded.


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